Most Popular Books by Mel & Patricia Krantzler:

  • Creative Divorce : A New Opportunity for Personal Growth

The emotional impact that a divorce creates, causes paralysis when one cannot move through the various stages necessary to become a “whole person” again, after a divorce. This book helps the reader to avoid getting “stuck” in one or more of the stages which are the natural progression of recovery to emotional wellbeing, before being strong enough to proceed with one’s life in a constructive manner.

  • The New Creative Divorce : How to Create a Happier, More Rewarding Life During and after Your Divorce

So you’ve been dumped. That means the divorce is all his/her fault, right? Wrong! Being dumped means you’ve got an opportunity to grow and be happy in a new relationship with someone who actually loves you. This is a book about getting over it!!! Creative Divorce also gets into creating a relationship with your ex- that isn’t toxic. For children, parents who can talk civilly is critical. For you, getting over the divorce is critical, too, because playing the injured victim is just too time-consuming.

  • Divorcing : The Complete Guide for Men and Women

This book puts the divorce process into clear and concise language. You can understand and deal with the emotional, cognitive, legal, custodial, and other issues that you will confront as you move forward. The book also presents a good framework for evaluating your situation and deciding whether or not you are a future divorcee.This is a “must read” for all people, but especially people who are confronting a separation from their mates.

  • Moving Beyond Your Parents’ Divorce

Now in paper, the book that debunks the notion that divorce has to be devastating to children. Recent books such as The Love They Lost and The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce have reinforced negative portrayals of the lifelong harmful effects of parental divorce. In contrast, Moving Beyond Your Parent’s Divorce is a refreshingly positive guide for adults whose parents divorced during their childhood.