Who we are & What We Do

Mel Krantzler, Ph.D., and Pat Biondi Krantzler, M.A., are internationally known divorce, marriage and relationship Counselors and teachers. They are also the authors of the many bestselling books. Dr. Krantzler’s book CREATIVE DIVORCE was a New York Times 3 million copy bestseller for a year and established divorce counseling as a specific new form of counseling in the United States.

The Krantzlers are both psychotherapists; they are a husband and wife team who have counseled thousands of men, women and children of all ages about the most vital concerns of their lives: marriage, parenting, divorce, alternative relationships, remarriage, love, intimacy and the problems of the Boomer generation men and women now entering their sixty-plus years. Listed below is an outline of the work we do.

• Mel and Pat Krantzler are Directors of The Creative Divorce, Love and Marriage Counseling Center located in San Rafael, California, where they counseling men, women and children of all ages and help them solve their interpersonal relationship problems.

• They are the authors of bestselling books on interpersonal relationships, health and social problems. Their book CREATIVE DIVORCE is the only book in its field to sell over 3 million copies and has been published in 12 different languages. Their book DIVORCING, written with Attorney Melvin Belli, has become a standard college course text. Some of their other bestselling books include: THE SEVEN MARRIAGES OF YOUR MARRIAGE, DOWN AND OUT IN SILICON VALLEY, LEARNING TO LOVE AGAIN, THE NEW CREATIVE DIVORCE, THE HEART OF A WOMAN, CREATIVE MARRIAGE and MOVING BEYOND YOUR PARENTS’ DIVORCE.

• They are the originators and performers of two successful television series presented nationally by the Westinghouse Television chain (13 1⁄2 hr. series on Creative Divorce and 133 1⁄2 hr. series on Learning to Love Again)

• The Krantzlers also originated and presented a ten 1⁄2 hour Television series titled Join The Group for the Cable Health Network. It dealt with the problems and achievements of men and women over 30 years of age.

• The Krantzlers have appeared on national television shows as experts on interpersonal relationships, including The Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN and Charlie Rose.

• In radio, the Krantzlers originated and presented a successful one hour a week talk show on interpersonal relationships on station KTIM.

• The Krantzlers are frequently called upon as interpersonal relationship experts by interviewers for the CBS, NBC, and ABC radio networks.

• The Krantzlers have taught courses on love, marriage, parenting and divorce at such nationally acclaimed universities as University of California, San Francisco State and Sonoma State.